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HEKA Favorit-Olymp 2200/B+S - for 2.000-2.200 hen-eggs - "Single-Stage"

Product number: FO/2200/B+S
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HEKA Favorit-Olymp 2200/B+S Large-Capacity-Incubator with rocking-egg-turning-mechanism for:
- ca. 2.000-2.200 hen-eggs or
- ca. 3.000 bantam-/pheasant-eggs or
- ca. 2.800 eggs of miniature breeds or
- ca. 1.800 duck-/turkey-eggs or
- ca. 840 goose-eggs or
- ca. 4.500 partridge-/quail-eggs
- standard-tray-size is suitable for hen-/bantam-/pheasant-/duck-/turkey-/minitature breeds-eggs
- of course you can also choose different kind of trays !

This incubator is specially designed to execute the whole process of breeding and hatching in one machine.
For example you can use 10 machines to put in 22,000 hen-eggs at the same time without buying additional hatchers. In the first 18 days (hen-eggs) the eggs are turned with the rocking-eggs-mechanism. The preparation for the hatching (hen eggs: days 19-21) is made within a few minutes:
1. Position the turning-mechanism horizontally with the push buttons
2. Deactivate the turning-meachnism
3. Push the hatching trays upon the breeding trays (the hatched chicken will fall through the aluminium trays into the respective hatching tray below)
4. Position the special tray with the filter and another hatching tray at the bottom of the incubator
5. Increase the humidity

Every detail is made to minimize the cleaning effort:
- cabin (in- and outside) made of easily cleaned and high-quality, durable plastic
- turning mechanism made of aluminium
- breeding trays made of powder-coated aluminium
- hatching trays made of plastic-frames and bottom made of high-quality Casanet-wire
- special filter-mat below the lowest hatching tray

The filter-mat prevents dirt (during hatching) to reach the technical area of the incubator while leaving the air-circulation and thus the temperature on a constant level.

High-class HEKA-large-capacity-incubator. At this type we extend the high-class equipment of the series "HEKA-Favorit-Olymp by a water cooling system. This meets the requirements of our customers in hot countries of Southern Europe, Africa or South-America. Thus, excellent success in breeding is also guaranteed in rooms, which are not air-conditioned. The easy-to-clean and hygienic plastic-cabin avoids damages caused by humidity. Just enjoy the best success in breeding, guaranteed by our HEKA-microprocessor-control-system. This precise control-system controls and shows digitally in great illuminated paragraphs: Breeding Temperature, Cooling Temperature, Alarm Temperature, Humidity, Cool-Down Temperature, Cool-Down-Time.

Subsequently we explain the high-class standard-equipment of this incubator.

1. Fully-automatic egg-turning

In incubators of the series Favorit-Olymp, the turning of the eggs is executed by a rocking-mechanism, which is popular especially at breeders of waterfowl. The aluminium-trays (powder-coated) lay in aluminium-frames, which are rocked forward and backward by 4 strong motors. With the perfected HEKA-rocking-mechanism and its high-quality motors it is not necessary to place the motors unaesthetically behind the cabin. The turning takes just a few minutes - the number of daily turnings is preset to 12 - but can changed by you very easily.

2. Fully-automatic humidification

   All HEKA-incubators with automatic humidification
   are equipped with an absolutely fully-automatic
   humidification. Regularly we include a water-
   canister, which is the water reservoirs for the
   humidification. It's also possible to connect the
   incubator directly to your water line. Gladly we
   then adjust your machine for this higher water
   pressure - a short message is enough. A float
   valve regulates the water supply out of the
   canister or out of the water line. Everytime while
   heating (continuously at heating up; in short
   impulses, if set-temperature is reached), a water-
   heating gets acticated, which heats the water and
   evaporates it. A failure-free and reliable technique
                                                                                       for best success in brooding.


3. HEKA-microprocessor controls

The centrepiece of this incubator is the micro-
processor control developed by HEKA.
Regarding precise control mode as well as
reliability (failure rate under 0,1% in the first
5 years) this controls probably stands head
and shoulder above all other producers'
controls. Temperature, humidity and cooling-
down can be programmed with 4 buttons
without the slightest effort.

4. Insulated glazing


   All incbators of the series "HEKA-Favorit-Olymp"
   are serially equipped with double glazing. The
   insulation value is much better in comparison to
   single glazing, whereby the power-consumption
   decreases. Further, insulated glazing begins to
   steam up just up from ~80% humidity - beyond
   those values, which are needed normally.




5. Water-Cooling-System

Our water-cooling-system avoids overtemperature inside the incubator, which could be caused by too high surrounding temperature (permanent or short-term). Especially in hot countries of Southern Europe, Africa and Southern America until now it had been absolutely necessary to place the incubators into an air-conditioned room. A missing or defective air-conditioning had been a big risk factor. With our water-cooling-system we now offer the perfect solution. If the set cooling-temperature is reached, the water-cooling-system is activated by the microprocessor-control and lowers the temperature rapidly down to (e.g. slightly below) the incubating-temperature. The water-cooling-system then deactivates automatically and the superb HEKA-microprocessor-control ensures again the absolute precise temperature-regulation. Of course the incubators needs to be connected to your (cold-)water-mains for the operation of the water-cooling-system.

More detailed information about the series HEKA-"Favorit-Olymp"

You find more information about the series HEKA-"Favorit-Olymp" here


The incubator is completely equipped with all the accessories, which are needed. Included is the interior lighting of the incubator, 20 breeding trays of your choice, 20 hatching trays, filter-mats as well as a detailed manual.
Further, reasonable accessories, which are not included, could be a candling lamp for checking eggs on fecundity; more trays/hatching-trays (if needed) and the right disinfectant for cleaning/disinfecting the incubator after hatching (we recommend: Amo-Des).

Technical Details

2 years warranty.

Dimensions: Width 137 cm, Depth 58 cm, Height 196 cm,

Weight ca. 210 kg, Power-consumption in 24h.: ca. 2,2 kW

Phone-Number: +49 (0) 52 44 / 17 18
Monday - Friday 8:00 to 18:00 (01.06.-31.09. up to 16:00 )
Saturday 8:00 - 12:00