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With UPS-systems you can get an ultimative protection against all problems of mains-supply. Especially our worldwide customers frequently asked for these systems, which is why we now also offer these directly - as a matter of course from the German company "AEG Power Solutions". Also in Germany nowadays (with worse mains-supply caused by renewable energies) it might be interesting using an UPS-system, if much depends on an absolutely safe success in breeding - caused by the quantity or the quality of the eggs.

Series Protect B: perfect protection agains under- and overvoltage and bridging "short" power-breakdown (~1h).
Series Protect C: absolutely extensive protection by supplying the incubator ONLY from the battery of the UPS. Bridging longer power-breakdowns of up to 3h or up to 24h (with two additional batteries). Further, the UPS replaces a power- and/or frequency-converter, so that you can directly use all our incubators worldwide (no matter if 230V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz or anything else) with just adding this UPS.