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HEKA Favorit 126+S - for ca. 150+100 Hen-Eggs

Product number: FK/126+S/AP
Weight: 70 kg
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The HEKA Favorit 126+S features with up to 144 hen-eggs in the incubator and 100 hen-eggs in tha hatcher the optimal siza and the optimal proportion between incubator and hatcher for many breeders. Subsequently we explain the high-class standard-equipment of this incubator - including the new enhanced controls (see point 3).

1. Fully-automatic egg-turning

Behind the incubator, there is installed a
turning-motor (exterior, covered), which is
connected with the trays by a push-rod and
the white connectors (powder-coated alumi-
nium) - the motor pushes and pulls the trays
automatically forward and backward. For best
success in brooding, all our incubators do 12
turnings per day. With connectors of different
length, you can turn any number of trays. Of
course, this turning can be reprogrammed or
deactivated by you for hatching-phase.

2. Fully-automatic humidification

   All HEKA-incubators with automatic humidification
   are equipped with an absolutely fully-automatic
   humidification. Regularly we include a water-
   canister, which is the water reservoirs for the
   humidification. It's also possible to connect the
   incubator directly to your water line. Gladly we
   then adjust your machine for this higher water
   pressure - a short message is enough. A float
   valve regulates the water supply out of the
   canister or out of the water line. Everytime while
   heating (continuously at heating up; in short
   impulses, if set-temperature is reached), a water-
   heating gets acticated, which heats the water and
   evaporates it. A failure-free and reliable technique
   for best success in brooding.

3. Processor-controls with complete regulation by computer

The reliable computer-controls feature a high-
class functional range. On the one hand,
temperature and humidity are shown at once,
so that you can chek the precise regulation of
your incubator at first sight. On the other hand,
temperature, humidtiy, turning and cooling can
be programmed with just a few keypresses.

4. Insulated glazing

   All incbators of the series "HEKA-Euro-Lux" are
   serially equipped with double glazing. The
   insulation value is much better in comparison to
   single glazing, whereby the power-consumption
   decreases. Further, insulated glazing begins to
   steam up just up from ~80% humidity - beyond
   those values, which are needed normally.


5. Wooden trays or plastic trays

The wooden trays feature a favourable price - because
they are made of moisture-resistant (sauna-)wood,
these trays achieve a long time of permanancy with
perfect stability without any deformations.

The plastic trays in addition offer the advantage of a
hygienically easy-to-clean surface: especially for the
usage of our incubators in laboratories and research
facilities an inestimable advantage - but equally for
brooders, who are keen on cleanness. Because the
plastic trays are produced with a smaller frame (at the same stability), they offer offer a 15% higher capacity - an optimal price-performance ratio!

More detailed information about the series HEKA-"Favorit"

You find more information about the series HEKA-"Favorit here


The incubator is completely equipped with all the accessories, which are needed. Included is the interior lighting of the incubator, three trays and two hatching-trays of your choice, a water canister, a detailed manual and different connectors for turning any quantity of trays.
Further, reasonable accessories, which are not included, could be a candling lamp for checking eggs on fecundity; more trays/hatching-trays (if needed) and the right disinfectant for cleaning/disinfecting the incubator after hatching (we recommend: Amo-Des).


Technical Details

2 years warranty.

Dimensions: Width 50 cm, Depth 50 cm, Height 115 cm,

Weight ca. 73 kg, Power consumption in 24h., ca. 1,1 kW