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Poultry drinker, stainless steel, V2A, 2-13 Ltr.

Product number: 20260-20263
Weight: 2 kg
Financing available from 99 € to 5000 € sale value
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2+5 Ltr. are not yet available.
We will ship these (after your order/payment) in december.

High quality product made in western europe.

Completely made of stainless steel. The drinker can be filled from below where a plastic plug will close the bottom - this allow for easiest handling! In contrast to other plastic or galvanised drinkers, these drinkers may also be treated with more aggressive cleasner/disinfectants.

All this makes a solid, durable and hygienic drinker.

Diameter: 35 cm

Drinking height: 5 cm

Available in sizes: 2 Ltr., 5 Ltr., 9 Ltr., 13 Ltr. [see above]


44,90 € * Weight 16 kg