Since 1986, HEKA incubators have been the top choice for hobby breeders as well as professional poultry and breeders who value excellent breeding results in terms of both quantity and quality.

As a result, almost every major zoo in Germany, as well as many zoos throughout Europe, now have at least one HEKA incubator. Sometimes, new requests are made, and we are happy to accommodate them. For example, the development of our plastic rearing boxes was prompted by a request from Vogelpark Walsrode, and together we created the desired product, which has since gained popularity among private and professional poultry breeders, contrary to our expectations due to its higher price. However, the product speaks for itself.

A similar story unfolded with the development of our laboratory device, which we worked on in collaboration with Professor Dr. Schusser from TU Munich / WZW Weihenstephan. Interestingly, at the same time, Professor Schusser and several labs commissioned by Lohmann were working with our incubators on sex determination in hatching eggs, and both groups achieved positive results nearly simultaneously. These breakthroughs will revolutionize the poultry industry, particularly regarding the issue of "chick shredding." Today, our devices, mostly from the "HEKA Favorit-Olymp" series, can be found in nearly every German university in at least one department. They are utilized in various fields such as biology (microbiology, virology, veterinary medicine, animal physiology, animal welfare, behavioral research, biology education, general zoology) and agricultural sciences, as well as in more exotic applications (medical technology, anatomy, pathology, forensics, trauma surgery, infectious medicine/ zoonoses). Furthermore, well-known federal institutes also work with our equipment. A few years ago, we were particularly delighted when the Australian government successfully hatched an endangered species using our HEKA Favorit-Olymp 2200 incubator, after years of unsuccessful attempts with devices from other manufacturers.

These are the "special treats" that continuously fascinate us, as we encounter new and exciting use cases. However, our main customers are, of course, hobby poultry keepers, professional poultry breeders, and smaller (organic) poultry farms. One does not need to be highly educated to achieve excellent hatching results with our HEKA incubators. Our user manuals are clear and understandable. As we rely on having 99.9% satisfied customers, we are always available to assist with any questions or issues after the purchase.

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