Kommende Ausstellungstermine

Upcoming Exhibition Dates

May 30, 2023

01.-03.12.2023: Messe Leipzig
(127. Lipsia-Schau, 72. Dt. Rassetaubenschau, 2. Dt. Jugendschau im VDT)
08.-10.12.2023: Messe Hannover ---CANCELLED---
(142. Dt. Junggeflügelschau, 50. VHGW-Bundesschau, 95. Dt. Zwerghuhnschau, 48. Bundeszuchtbuchschau)
15.-17.12.2023: Messe Erfurt
(105. Nationale Bundessiegerschau)

Please note that we have limited capacities at exhibitions/trade shows. This applies especially to incubators and rearing boxes. If you already know exactly which device you would like to purchase and take with you at the exhibition, you are welcome to pre-order. The corresponding device will then be reserved for you. To facilitate the transport from our booth to your car, we are happy to provide you with a handcart or a trolley on loan.

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