Detailed Information about the Series "HEKA Euro-Lux"

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HEKA processes just the best Materials

The HEKA-incubators of the series "Standard" impress with their warm, comfortable vibrancy of the raw material wood. The frame is manufactured from premium-quality, seasoned solid wood - the other cabin is made of 21mm-strong Golo-plan-wood; coated, multiple glue laminated and extremely water-resistant. By means of the processed high-class materials the cabin is exceedingly long-lasting - an operating-time of our incubators of 20-30 years and more is quite common - the proof for this fact are the (high) prices for used HEKA-

HEKA sets highest Standards in Quality

The processing quality of HEKA-incubators fulfils consistently the highest requirements. HEKA-incubators have to show technically as well as optically absolute perfection. With these requirements we work - and these requirements we meet. Where machines from other producers offer wide gaps between different elements, you will not see any blemish on a HEKA-incubator. For example, you see this, if you observe, how the cover rests on the side mouldings and how they are flush with them. Further, you won't find any big, plaster filled holes from screwing on HEKA-incubators - you just get perfectly handmade incubators from best mannered carpentry.

HEKA for perfect Conditions in Brooding

All incubators from HEKA are designed, so that a forced air circulation system with an optimum dispersion of the air is created - the complete air is exchanged consistently in HEKA-incubators. We reach this with a
double-walled cabin as well as with premium-quality, powerful fans (adjusted in size for each model), which press the air from the technical compartment down and which then let the air flow through the side canal upwards again. This results in a maximum of temperature constancy on different layers of the incubator as well as on different sides of the incubator. There is no need for reallocating the eggs because of different temperatures inside the incubator with high-quality HEKA-incubators.

HEKA - Quality "made in Germany"

Incubators "made in Germany" with wood-working and technical installation to the highest German standards. Where you find an incredible mess of cables in other producers' incubators, there is installed everything orderly and tidy in HEKA-incubators. The sensitive electronic-system of regulation is plugged separated from the rest of the incubator. Adequate cable glands ensure, that the humidity, which is created inside the incubator, does not touch the electronic-system of re-gulation. Thus, a long lifetime of the controls is guaranteed. There are only installed high-quality components to ensure trouble-free brooding even far beyond the 2 years of warranty.

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