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AEG Protect B 1000 - UPS (Under-/Overvoltage-protection + Protection against power-breakdown)

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UPS-System "AEG Protect B 1000" - for incubators up to 900W (Imax 3,9A), i.e. for all incubators up to a capacity of 880 hens-eggs

With this UPS-system you get a very good protection for operating our incubators at 230V/50Hz. The power of this UPS (900W) is chosen/dimensioned to be suitable for all our incubators up to a capacity of 880 hens-eggs. This UPS-system of class "Line-Interactive" provides the following:
1. Protection agains undervoltage
2. Protections agains overvoltage
5. Protection against power breakdown (Nominal values: 3,5 min. at full-load / 10 min. at half-load). Depending on size and usage of the incubator  the battery can keep the incubator running MUCH longer. In continuous operation (incubator already on set-temperature, doors closed, cooling-down deactivated) for example our HEKA Favorit-Olymp 880 (for 880 hens-eggs) can be kept running in case of power breakdown for up to 1h.
5. Additional-battery available (449€) to enlarge the bridging in case of power breakdown. The nominal values thus increase to 14 min. at full-load / 36 min. at half-load; the example mentioned above for the HEKA Favorit-Olymp 880 thus increase to up to 3h.

With its increased power factor of 0.9lag the Protect B PRO belongs to the most efficient line-interactive UPS systems. The parallel operation of USB/RS232 interface and the extension slot enables more communication options. Protect B Pro can be configured via the operator panel. The innovative folding mechanism allows batteries to be changed without disconnecting the UPS.

  • Modern VI (line interactive) protection technology with sinus-shaped output voltage
  • Low operating costs through high efficiency, power factor 0.9lag
  • Compact shape, flexible use through combined design tower / rack, rotary screen
  • Surge protection (RJ11 / RJ45) for telephone, fax, modem and network
  • Configuration directly on the LCD
  • Full display of the essential parameters on the screen, e.g. the remaining runtime in minutes
  • Intelligent monitoring system with USB and RS232 interface; parallel operation of USB / RS232 and extension slot is possible
  • 24 months standard warranty (provided that you meet the room-/storage-conditions given by AEG)Higher efficiency
  • The Protect B. PRO achieves more than 30% higher power in comparison to conventional uninterruptible power systems, due to it‘s new power factor rating of 0.9 lagging across it‘s operating range.

The display shows several parameters: input, UPS mode and output. Three LEDs at the top of the display indicate the current operating mode. From the control panel the user is able to configure the UPS settings and activate an audible alarm.

Battery management
The battery management system is able to differentiate between initialization during setup, the battery charging phase (temperature compensated) and the standby phase. This enables the system to extend battery lifetime as there is a decrease of pole corrosion.

Communications options
Communication options are provided by several interfaces including programmable potential-free contacts, emergency power off switch, RS232, USB and an extension slot that can be used in parallel mode.

Technical Data (for English terms see picture)
Typenleistung:                                                           1000 VA / 900 W
Leistungsfaktor cos phi:                                          0,9 ind.
Anschlussspannung:                                               220 / 230 / 240V AC
Spannungsbereich ohne Batteriebetrieb:            ± 20%
Stromaufnahme:                                                        max. 5,3 A
Netzanschluss:                                                          IEC 320 C14
Nennausgangsspannung / AVR-Technik:             208 / 220 / 230 / 240V AC ±10%
Frequenz ( Eingang / Ausgang ):                             50 Hz/60 Hz ±5 Hz / 50 Hz/60 Hz ±1 Hz
Ausgangsstrom bei 230 V AC:                                 4,3 A
Umschaltzeit bei Netzausfall:                                   2 - 6 ms ( typisch ), 8 ms max.
Spannungskurvenform:                                             sinusförmig
Überlastfähigkeit ( VI Betrieb ):                                 <120% für 5Min. / 120-150% für 10s / >150% für 1s
Verbraucheranschlüsse:                                           8x IEC 320 C13 ( davon 4 schaltbar )
Gesamtwirkungsgrad ( typisch bis zu ):                 > 90% / > 97% im ECO Mode
Überspannungsschutz für Datenleitungen:           RJ11 / RJ45
Überbrückungszeit ( Volllast / Halblast ):                3,5 Min. / 9,5 Min.
Batterietyp:                                                                    2x 12V / 9Ah
Batteriesystem:                                                            integriert, verschlossen, wartungsfrei, hot-swappable
Nenngleichspannung ( Zwischenkreis ):                24V DC
Batteriegebrauchsdauer:                                           3-5 Jahre nach EUROBAT ( bei 20°C )
Eigengeräusch:                                                            ≤ 45 dB(A)
Kommunikationsschnittstelle:                                   RS232 / USB, Kommunikationsslot,
Konstruktion:                                                                Standgerät / 19“ Rack ( 19“ Kit optional )
Farbe:                                                                             schwarzes Gehäuse, silberne Front
Abmessungen ( HxBxT ):                                            88mm ( 2HE ) x 482,6mm x 420mm

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