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AEG Protect C 2000 - UPS + Frequency-Converter + Power-Converter

SKU: AEG-C2000
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High-Performance-UPS-System "AEG Protect C 2000"
(also referred to as: "Online-UPS", "VFI-UPS", "Double-Conversion-UPS")

With this UPS-system you have the perfect all-around-protection for all application areas of our incubators. The power of this UPS (1600W) is chosen/dimensioned, that it is suitable for all our incubators. This UPS-system of class "VFI" provides the following:
1. Protection agains undervoltage
2. Protections agains overvoltage
3. Protections agains oscillatations in frequency
4. Protection of our incubators also at every common voltage (110V-300V) and frequency (50Hz/60Hz), if the function "bypass" is deactivated - the incubator then ONLY gets power from the battery and the battery is loaded from the power-mains - an additional power-converter and/or frequency-converter then is not necessary
5. Protection against power breakdown (Nominal values: 7 min. at full-load / 20 min. at half-load). Depending on size and usage of the incubator  the battery can keep the incubator running MUCH longer. In continuous operation (incubator already on set-temperature, doors closed, cooling-down deactivated) for example even our biggest incubator (HEKA Favorit-Olymp 2200, for 2.200 hens-eggs) can be kept running in case of power breakdown for up to 3h.
6. Additional-battery available (699€) to enlarge the bridging in case of power breakdown. The nominal values thus increase to 38,5 min. at full-load / 85 min. at half-load; the example mentioned above for our biggest incubator thus increase to up to 12h.

  • VFI topology (online / double conversion) protection against all mains network problems
  • Extremely wide input voltage window of 110 VAC to 300 VAC without stress on the internal battery system and with a stable output voltage
  • ECO and frequency operating voltage possible
  • Expansion slot for SNMP, potential free contacts, remote display
  • Graphic LCD display with interactive multilingual user interface
  • Configuration options (password protected) via the operator terminal
  • Internal hardware data logger with plain text display and date / time stamp
  • Emergency power off on terminal block (potential-free)
  • 24 months standard warrant (provided that you meet the room-/storage-conditions given by AEG)

“Dual-monitoring” enabled interfaces extend communication opportunities. The universally usable communication slot also allows for the integration of SNMP network interface cards that allow for monitoring and management options, particularly multi-server shutdown. The AEG “CompuWatch” shutdown software is always included. The multilingual graphical LCD display provides all the important operating states and values that can be stored and retrieved in addition to real-time data storage in plain text.

Technical Data (see attached image for English terms)
Typenleistung:                                                           2000 VA / 1600 W
Leistungsfaktor cos phi:                                          0,8 ind.
Anschlussspannung:                                               220 / 230 / 240 V AC
Spannungsbereich ohne Batteriebetrieb:            110 - 300 V AC
Stromaufnahme:                                                        max. 8,5 A
Netzanschluss:                                                           IEC 320 C14
Nennausgangsspannung:                                       220 / 230 / 240 V AC ±2% ( einstellbar )
Frequenz ( Eingang / Ausgang ):                             50 Hz/60 Hz ±4Hz  /  50 Hz/60 Hz ±0,2%
Ausgangsstrom bei 230 V AC:                                 8,7 A
Spannungskurvenform:                                             sinusförmig, Verzerrung THD <5%
Überlastfähigkeit ( Online-Betrieb ):                        <150% für 10s / 150% für 300ms
Verbraucheranschlüsse:                                            6x IEC 320 C13
Gesamtwirkungsgrad:                                                 > 88% (Online-Modus), > 94% (ECO-Modus)
Überbrückungszeit ( Volllast / Halblast ):                 7 Min. / 20 Min. (bei cos φ 0,7)
Batterietyp:                                                                     8x 12 V / 7 Ah
Batteriesystem ( extern erweiterbar ):                       integriert, verschlossen, wartungsfrei
Nenngleichspannung ( Zwischenkreis ):                 96 V DC
Batteriegebrauchsdauer:                                            3-5 Jahre nach EUROBAT ( bei 20°C )
Aufladezeit ( 90% der Nennkapazität ):                     5 h
Eigengeräusch:                                                             < 49dB(A)
Produktsicherheit:                                                         EN 62040-1
Kommunikationsschnittstellen:                                 USB, RS232, Kommunikationsslot ( z.B. SNMP ),
                                                                                          pot.freier Notabschaltkontakt
Konstruktion:                                                                  Standgerät
Farbe:                                                                              schwarzes Gehäuse, silberne Front
Konformität:                                                                    CE
Abmessungen ( HxBxT ):                                             345mm x 190mm x 460mm
Gewicht ( ca. ):                                                                31 kg
Lieferumfang: PROTECT C.2000 USV-Anlage mit integr. Batterie, Netzanschlussleitung 10A, 2 Verbraucheranschluss-leitungen, USV-Managementsoftware „CompuWatch“ (CD) inkl. 5 Netzwerklizenzcodes, USB-Kommunikationsleitung, Betriebsanleitung

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