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Brooder Box for up to 60-70 chicks, 102x50x29cm, wooden

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Terminabsprache Spedition

Terminabsprache Spedition



HEKA Wooden Brooder Boxes
incl. drinker and feeder

HEKA Brooder Boxes ensure the safe and healthy growth of your chicks. The temperature is regulated with a stepless thermostate. This allows for use with any kind of poultry. The boxes are equipped with mesh wire floor and a metal drawer beneath it - this keeps the box clean and collects any dirt in the metal drawer. An integrated heating panel controlled by a  membrane-thermostate sets the temperature on a constant level, independent to outer influences. The front of the box is made of a wooden frame containing fixed plexiglass on the left and movable plexiglass and mesh wire on the right. For ventilation it is sufficient to only open the plexiglass slider, while for cleaning, refilling etc. you can either open the mesh wire, or swing the hole front open. When cleaning thoroughly you can also take out the whole front frame including the floor grate and the metal drawer.

HEKA Brooder Boxes are available in 6 different sizes. Boxes with the same width can be stacked to efficiently safe space. It is possible to combine the boxes A, B and C to get a setup in which you can always put the newly hatched chicks into the smallest box A and then continuously swap them to boxes B and C after some time. Like this you always have space for newly hatched chicks while also giving the older chicks the necessary safety and warmth in the other boxes.

Measurements: width 102 cm, depth 50 cm, height 29 cm

Weight: about 35 kg

Power consumption: 70 Watt (max.)

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