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Carrier Boxes for Poultry - 48cm high

SKU: TK-14
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Size: 80 x 40 x 48cm
Lead Time: 3-8 working days

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Handmade poultry transport boxes "made in Germany"

Made of high quality and sturdy wood.
This allows the transport crates to be built with a low dead weight (please note: the weights given are volume weights used to calculate shipping costs: 1 crate = 1 large carton. The actual weight is about 5-10kg depending on the size).
Sturdy wire mesh with mesh size 8x8mm (reduces risk of injury to beaks).

Available in 4 different heights. For each poultry there is thus the suitable transport box.
Basically, the following recommendations apply to the different types of poultry.
Depending on the breed and your own demand for comfort for your birds, simply choose the appropriate height!
- 18cm (inside height): for quails, pheasants, bantams, laying hens, ducks, ornamental ducks, ornamental geese
- 25cm (inner height): for bantams, laying hens, ducks, ornamental ducks, ornamental geese
- 34cm (inner height): for laying hens, bantams, ducks, ornamental ducks, ornamental geese
- 48cm (inner height): for medium to large chickens, ducks, geese

Standard poultry transport crates: depending on the size available as a simple crate without subdivision or as a divided crate with 2 compartments. On request free of charge with carrying handle (not mounted).
Multi-partitioned breed poultry transport crates: depending on size with 2-6 compartments (double-decker with 12 compartments). The size of the compartments can be varied by removing the middle walls. With hinged lid on top and for each individual compartment. Including carrying handle (not mounted).

Please note that the demand for transport boxes is so high at trade fair times/peak season that the transport boxes are usually not in stock. Delivery times can therefore be approx. 2 weeks.

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