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HEKA 3 - Incubator for 120-130 Hen-Eggs or ca. 200 Bantam-Eggs

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Terminabsprache Spedition

Terminabsprache Spedition

Wooden Trays, size 2, 38x39cm (hatching-baskets: 38x44cm)

Wooden Trays, size 2, 38x39cm (hatching-baskets: 38x44cm)

Turning-Tray for 42-48 hen-eggs


The good price-performance ratio makes the HEKA 3 time and again to on of our bestsellers. Thereby the HEKA 3 features just the right size for many breeders. Even breeders, for which the HEKA 2 could be great enough, gladly choose this HEKA 3 on our recommendation. The HEKA 3 is just a bit more expansive - and our experience shows, that a perfectly working incubator quickly leads to more joy at brooding and rearing...and thus to the problem, that the before chosen incubator becomes too small. Avoid this mistake and buy one size bigger directly! You can arrange this incubator in different variations, which you please choose above and which are explained below for making your decision for your right equipment as easy as possible.


The incubator is completely equipped with all the accessories, which are needed. Included is the interior lighting of the incubator, three trays/hatching-trays of your choice, an hygrometer, a tripartite water basin, a detailed manual and further the accessories, which belong to your chosen equipment; i.e. different connectors for turning any quantity of trays, if you choose the full-automatic egg-turning; i.e. an angle-thermometer, if you choose the electronic regulation.
Further, reasonable accessories, which are not included, could be a candling lamp for checking eggs on fecundity; more trays/hatching-trays (if needed) and the right disinfectant for cleaning/disinfecting the incubator after hatching (we recommend: Amo-Des).

Technical Details

2 years warranty.

Dimensions: Width 53 cm, Depth 55 cm, Height 69 cm,

Weight: ca. 38 kg, Power consumption in 24h.: ca. 0,8 kWh

Operating Manual
Series "HEKA Standard"

1.1 Choice at "Turning":

Semi-automatic Egg-Turning

The continuously and reliably turning of the eggs is necessary for successful brooding - at least 2-3 times per day in the 1st phase of breeding (hen eggs: 18 days --> then 3 days hatching). If you choose your HEKA-Incubator with semi-automatic egg-turning, you don't have to turn every single egg, but you just have to push and pull the trays. Inside the tray, the eggs lay on fluted wooden bars, which theirselves lay on the left and on the right on rubber-strap. By pushing or pulling the trays, the bars of the tray turn and so will also turn the eggs.

1.2 Choice at "Turning":

Full-automatic Egg-Turning

If you choose your HEKA-Incubator with full-automatic egg-turning, you don't have to do the work described above. Behind the incubator, there is installed a turning-motor (exterior, covered), which is connected with the trays by a push-rod and the white connectors (powder-coated aluminium) - the motor pushes and pulls the trays automatically forward and backward. For best success in brooding, all our incubators do 12 turnings per day. Of course, this turning can be deactivated by a switch for hatching-phase.

2.1 Choice at "Controls":

Electronic Control System with Angle Thermometer

With electronic regulation temperature is set by the silver adjusting knob and it's shown on the angle-thermometer on the right side of the incubator. Highly suitable for export-markets, because these electronics make it impassible for oscillations in power-supply, and all electronic components can be exchanged easily in case of damage.

2.2 Choice at "Controls":

Processor Control System with digital Display

The processor-control-system provides a pleasant "Plus" of comfort in handling. The brooding-temperature can be adjusted in one-tenths of a degree - both set-temperature actual temperature are shown simultaneously. Further, an alarm is included. You set the alarm-temperature digitally - if this temperature is reached, the alarm-control-light flashes up (acoustical alarm on enquiry).

3. Choice at "Double-Thermostate": with Double-Thermostate

A double thermostat brings an even higher level of safety to your incubator. If the main thermostate should allow the temperature in your incubator to rise too high because of technical failure, the double thermostat switches off the heating and prohibits damage to the eggs. This is not really necessary with a high-class HEKA-incubator - but it is a pleasant addition. In all incubators with electronic regulation there is installed a membrane-regulation as double thermostat, in all incubators with processor-control-system the double thermostat is integrated in this control-system. The value for the double thermostat is preset by us - you don't have to reprogram any values, but you can just start  brooding, when you get your HEKA-incubator.

4. Choice at "Cooling-Timer": with Cooling-Timer

If you brood waterfowl, it is absolutely necessary to cool-down the eggs once a day up from the ~11th day (up to the hatching-phase). With incubators without cooling timer you have to do this by opening the door for 30-40 minutes. If you choose your HEKA-incubator equipped with a cooling timer, you don't have to operate this cooling by yourself (with the risk to forget closing the door), but the incubator itself deactivates the heating for your desired/set time, so that the temperature inside the incubator decreases. It is essential, that all other functions of the incubator remain enabled - only the heating is disabled.

5.1 Choice at "Insulated-Glazing":

without Insulated-Glazing

The lower insulation value of the single glazing can be advantageous in export-markets with hot surrounding temperatures, because the incubator can lose temperature through the door. But the disadvantage of steaming windows at higher values of humidity, persist.

5.2 Choice at "Insulated-Glazing":

with Insulated-Glazing

In middle- and north-european countries, the insulated glazing is definitely the right choice. The insulation value is much better, whereby the power-consumption decreases. Further, insulated glazing begins to steam up just up from ~80% humidity - beyond those values, which are needed normally.

More detailed Information about the Series HEKA-"Standard"

You find more detailed information about the series HEKA-"Standard" here

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