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HEKA Drinker Heater, 27cm (20Watt), optional with Thermostat

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Thermostat: without thermostat
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HEKA Drinker Heater with anti-slip-corners
--- developed by HEKA in proven HEKA-Quality ---

NEW exclusively at HEKA:
These drinker heater come with a new patented design with 4 anti-slip-corners, which prevent the drinker from sliding or being pushed off the drinker heater. In contrast to similar products, HEKA drinker heaters are designed to stay clinically clean; no gaps which invite dirt, no materials which cannot be cleaned well - we use plastic of high quality all of a piece to fulfill our customers needs.

Drinker Heaters are essential for any breeder in the cold season. We offer drinker heaters fitting for nearly any size of drinker:
- Made in Germany
- High-Quality plastic
- Sealed heating element
- No failures even at high humidity
- optionally equipped with/without thermostat/frostguard
- NEW form with 4 anti-slip-corners
- suited for use with any drinkers made of plastic or metal
- we also offer drinker heaters specially designed for pigeonries (see art. 21230/21235)

HEKA-Drinker Heater with Thermostat:
We recommend the use of our drinker heaters with thermostat. These start heating only when there is danger of frozen drinking water (ca. +4°C) - the colder it gets, the more they heat up. This ensures that no water freezes and at the same time save as much energy as possible because the product is never used without necessity. Further you do not risk to give your poultry water that is too warm because you may have forgotten to switch off your drinker heater (without thermostat) when the temperature outside rises.
A red control light signals that the drinker heater is heating.

HEKA-Drinker Heater in general:
As long as you use a fitting drinker heater (the drinker should NOT reach over the edge of the heater) for suitable drinkers (drinkers need to have a closed top), the HEKA Drinker Heaters keep the drinker water free of ice even at temperature of about -20°C. We did not record any winter in which the heaters were not strong enough to keep the water free of ice. Long durability and high safety. HEKA-Drinker Heaters comply to required norms and do not pose a safety threat in your stable. At HEKA you can trust in proven, german quality.

27cm-Drinker Heaters (inner diameter: 27cm) are suited for the following drinkers:
- 3Ltr.-Bell drinker (Art. 20010)
- 3Ltr.-Drinker with Bayonet Lock (Art. 20030)
- 3,5Ltr.-Drinker (Art. 20066)
- 3,5Ltr.-Drinker with Bayonet Lock (Art. 20045)
- 5,5Ltr.-Drinker with Bayonet Lock (Art. 20050)
- 2,5Ltr.-Bowl Drinker (Art. 20150)
- 4Ltr.-Bowl Drinker (Art. 20155)
- 6,5Ltr.-Bowl Drinker (Art. 20160)
- 12Ltr.-Bowl Drinker (Art. 20165)

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