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HEKA Incubation-System - for up to 16.500 hen-eggs monthly

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Terminabsprache Spedition

Terminabsprache Spedition

Aluminium Trays for HEKA Favorit-Olymp 330-2200, 48x49cm

Aluminium Trays for HEKA Favorit-Olymp 330-2200, 48x49cm

Turning-Tray for 100-110 hen-eggs or 120-140 bantam-/pheasant-eggs


Incubating-system with a total capacity of up to 16.500 hens-eggs per month,
consisting of:
- 5x incubator HEKA Favorit-Olymp 2200 (Picture 1)
- 1x hatcher HEKA Favorit-Olymp 2200/S (Picture 2+3)
- 20 additional trays for permanent operation (inserting 2,200 hens-eggs every 2 days)
- completely mounted and checked - just plug to power- (230V) and water-mains
- floor space required (total): 4.2m x 2.6m
- monthly capacity of up to 16,500 hens-eggs or 10,000 duck-eggs or 19,250 pheasant-eggs or 22,500 bantam-eggs or 3,500-4,500 goose-eggs or 30,000-40,000 partridge-/quail-eggs
- any time extendable like desired/necessary

Incubator and hatcher have the same basic measurements and thus can be placed oppositely in a row of each 3 devices. This leads to a minimum floor space required of just 4.2m-length. With the low depth of the devides and each two doors for one device in width you just need a minimum of 2.6m (this space already is enough even to open all doors even of opposite devices).

Every 4 days you fill one incubator HEKA Favorit-Olymp 2200 with 2,000 (eggs horizontally placed in the trays) up to 2,200 (eggs vertically placed) hens-eggs. For hatching (day 19-21 for hens-eggs) you bring the eggs/trays into the hatchers HEKA Favorit-Olymp 2200/S. After the hatching-phase of 3 days you have one day time to let the hatched chicken dry in the hatcher and clean the hatcher, before it is needed for the next eggs/hatching. Thereby, bringing the eggs from the incubator to the hatcher is designed most easily and efficiently. You just take out the 20 trays (with eggs) of the incubator and push them onto the hatching-trays in the hatcher. If a capacity of 2,000 hens-eggs per incubator has been enough and you placed the eggs in the trays horizontally, you have to do nothing else. If you needed a higher capacity of up to 2,200 hens-eggs per incubator and placed the eggs vertically, you have to take out one egg of each row and put it directly into the hatching tray, so that you can bring the remaining eggs into horizontal position for hatching.

Because (as described above) the eggs remain for hatching on the incubating-trays, in this total package also 20 additional trays are included. Thus you can immediately put fresh eggs into the incubator, when you have brought them into the hatcher.

Sequence of working:
Day 1:   2,200 eggs into incubator Nr.1
Day 5:   2,200 eggs into incubator Nr.2
Day 9:   2,200 eggs into incubator Nr.3
Day 13: 2,200 eggs into incubator Nr.4
Day 17: 2,200 eggs into incubator Nr.5
Day 19: Eggs from incubator Nr. 1 into the hatcher
Day 21: 2,200 eggs into incubator Nr.1
Day 21: chicken (from incubator Nr.1) will hatch in the hatcher
Day 23: Eggs from incubator Nr.2 into the hatcher
Day 25: 2,200 eggs into incubator Nr.2
Day 25: chicken (from incubator Nr.2) will hatch in the hatcher
…and so on…
So you see: you put in up to 2.200 chicken-eggs every 4 days = monthly up to 16.500 chicken-eggs.

Subsequently we describe the high-quality, fully equipped configuration of the incubators HEKA Favorit-Olymp 2200. The hatchers differ from the incubators just by missing turning-mechanism and a bigger height of 191cm. Instead of this, 20 plastic hatching-trays are included, which can be pushed into the hatcher separately and onto which the aluminium incubating-trays of the incubator are just pushed separately.

HEKA Favorit-Olymp 2200 Large-Capacity-Incubator with rocking-egg-turning-mechanism for:
- ca. 2,200 hen-eggs or
- ca. 3,000 bantam-/pheasant-eggs or
- ca. 2,800 eggs of miniature breeds or
- ca. 1,800 duck-/turkey-eggs or
- ca. 840 goose-eggs or
- ca. 4,500 partridge-/quail-eggs
- standard-tray-size is suitable for hen-/bantam-/pheasant-/duck-/turkey-/minitature breeds-eggs
- of course you can also choose different kind of trays !

High-class HEKA-large-capacity-incubator. At this type we extend the high-class equipment of the series "HEKA-Favorit-Olymp by a water cooling system. This meets the requirements of our customers in hot countries of Southern Europe, Africa or South-America. Thus, excellent success in breeding is also guaranteed in rooms, which are not air-conditioned. The easy-to-clean and hygienic plastic-cabin avoids damages caused by humidity. Just enjoy the best success in breeding, guaranteed by our HEKA-microprocessor-control-system. This precise control-system controls and shows digitally in great illuminated paragraphs: Breeding Temperature, Cooling Temperature, Alarm-Temperature, Humidity, Cool-Down Temperature, Cool-Down-Time.

Accessories (each incubator)

The incubator is completely equipped with all the accessories, which are needed. Included is the interior lighting of the incubator, 20 trays of your choice, a water canister and a detailed manual.
Further, reasonable accessories, which are not included, could be a candling lamp for checking eggs on fecundity; more trays/hatching-trays (if needed) and the right disinfectant for cleaning/disinfecting the incubator after hatching (we recommend: Amo-Des).

Technical Details (each incubator)

2 years warranty.

Dimensions: Width 137 cm, Depth 58 cm, Height 178 cm (hatcher: 191 cm height)

Weight: ca. 160 kg, Power-consumption in 24h.: ca. 2,2 kWh

Operating Manual
Series "HEKA Favorit-Olymp - with water-cooling-system"

1. Full-automatic Egg-Turning

In incubators of the series Favorit-Olymp, the turning of the eggs is executed by a rocking-mechanism, which is popular especially at breeders of waterfowl. The aluminium-trays (powder-coated) lay in aluminium-frames, which are rocked forward and backward by 1 e.g. 2 strong motors. With the perfected HEKA-rocking-mechanism and its high-quality motors it is not necessary to place the motors unaesthetically behind the cabin. The turning takes just a few minutes - the number of daily turnings is preset to 12 - but can changed or deactivated by you very easily.

2. Full-automatic Humidification

All HEKA-incubators with automatic humidification are equipped with an absolutely fully-automatic humidification. Regularly we include a water-canister, which is the water reservoirs for the humidification. It's also possible to connect the incubator directly to your water line. Gladly we then adjust your machine for this higher water pressure - a short message is enough. A float valve regulates the water supply out of the canister or out of the water line. Everytime while heating (continuously at heating up; in short impulses, if set-temperature is reached), a water-heating gets acticated, which heats the water and evaporates it. A failure-free and reliable technique for best success in brooding.

3. HEKA-Microprocessor-Control

  • HEKA-Micro-Processor-Control with unrivalled precision in temperature and humidity
  • Control with double-thermostat, alarm, programmable turning and cooling-down
  • Special-ventilator with nearly 0 specific heat
  • Plastic-trays with nearly endless lifetime

Our HEKA-Micro-Processor-Control is the absolutely best ref. control accuracy of temperature and humidity.
In developlment of this control we made everything to reach the absolutely highest precision. For balancing the technically conditioned variance of sensors, in this control exist different points/values of calibration. With these we can adjust the temperature curve and thus the variance of sensors is balanced (same counts for humidity). In the most relevant (and programmable) temperature range of 36-39°C the control even switches into an even more precisely calibrated fine-control-range, so that we reach the highest possible precision of control. Even if you measure temperature inside the incubator with a high-precision-thermometer in hundredth-degrees, you will hardly see fluctuations.
Not necessary for superb success in incubating, which you also will have with all our other controls - but looking for the absolutely best leads to our Olymp-version (or the series "Euro-Lux" or "Favorit-Olymp").
Furthermore, for highest fail-safety the control is mounted in a completely separated case and is equipped with alarm and double-thermostat, which automatically activate at 0,5°C above incubating-temperature.

4. Insulated Glazing

All incubators of the series "HEKA-Favorit-Olymp" are equipped with double glazing. The insulation value is much better in comparison to single glazing, whereby the power-consumption decreases. Further, insulated glazing begins to steam up just up from ~80% humidity - beyond those values, which are needed normally.

5. Aluminium-Turning-Trays

The turning-trays are made of aluminum - the significant weight
advantage over steel saves the turning motor and ensures an
exceptionally long lifespan of the motor. In addition, the turning-trays are powder-coated in silver-grey, not only to prevent corrosion,
but also to achieve a beautiful appearance that matches the rest of this
highest-quality premium incubator. The turning-trays are virtually
indestructible and will (like the housing) probably look like new for
50-100 years. Our experience with the aluminum trays and plastic
housings since 2005 has so far shown no signs of decay.

6. Water-Cooling

Our water-cooling-system avoids overtemperature inside the incubator, which could be caused by too high surrounding temperature (permanent or short-term). Especially in hot countries of Southern Europe, Africa and Southern America until now it had been absolutely necessary to place the incubators into an air-conditioned room. A missing or defective air-conditioning had been a big risk factor. With our water-cooling-system we now offer the perfect solution. If the set cooling-temperature is reached, the water-cooling-system is activated by the microprocessor-control and lowers the temperature rapidly down to (e.g. slightly below) the incubating-temperature. The water-cooling-system then deactivates automatically and the superb HEKA-microprocessor-control ensures again the absolute precise temperature-regulation. Of course the incubators needs to be connected to your (cold-)water-mains for the operation of the water-cooling-system.

More detailed Information about the Series HEKA-"Favorit-Olymp"

You find more detailed information about the series HEKA-"Favorit-Olymp" here

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