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HEKA-Laboratory-Incubator "In-Ovo"

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Terminabsprache Spedition

Terminabsprache Spedition



HEKA-Laboratory-Incubator "In-Ovo"

In nearly every German university there is at least one serial HEKA-incubator, whereas our incubators are successfully used in very different faculties for very different purposes. But sometimes we thereby also come to requirements, which a serial incubator can't meet. Therefore we also offer special solutions like the laboratory-incubator, which is shown and offered here.

The normally installed, nearly quadratic aluminium-frame-rack we replace here by a borader and less deep plastic-framge-rack, in which you can put commercially available plastic-egg-trays. Thus, every single egg can be easily taken out separately or you can even treat the egg inside the incubator. Further, the turning-angle is reduced from 45° to 35° to allow experiments in opened eggs (like shown on the picture).

This HEKA-laboratory-incubator moreover is equipped like our well-tried HEKA-"Favorit-Olymp"-incubators:
HEKA-microprocessor-control, fully-automatic egg-turning (number of turnings per day programmable), fully-automatic humidification, double-thermostate and cool-down-timer. The cabin is made of the composite materials plastics with hard foam core, which is serial in all HEKA-incubators made of plastic: highly robust, insensitive for scratches, colourfast for 10 years and longer and perfectly insulating.

Technical Details

2 years warranty

Dimensions: Width80 cm, Depth 53 cm, Height 88 cm

Weight: ca. 50kg; power-consumption in 24h: ca. 1,1 kWh

Operating Manual
Series "HEKA Favorit-Olymp"

1. Full-automatic Egg-Turning

In incubators of the series Favorit-Olymp, the turning of the eggs is executed by a rocking-mechanism, which is popular especially at breeders of waterfowl. The aluminium-trays (powder-coated) lay in aluminium-frames, which are rocked forward and backward by 1 e.g. 2 strong motors. With the perfected HEKA-rocking-mechanism and its high-quality motors it is not necessary to place the motors unaesthetically behind the cabin. The turning takes just a few minutes - the number of daily turnings is preset to 12 - but can changed or deactivated by you very easily. Turning-Angle in this special-laboratory-incubator is reduced to enable in-ovo-workflow.

2. Full-automatic Humidification

All HEKA-incubators with automatic humidification are equipped with an absolutely fully-automatic humidification. Regularly we include a water-canister, which is the water reservoirs for the humidification. It's also possible to connect the incubator directly to your water line. Gladly we then adjust your machine for this higher water pressure - a short message is enough. A float valve regulates the water supply out of the canister or out of the water line. Everytime while heating (continuously at heating up; in short impulses, if set-temperature is reached), a water-heating gets acticated, which heats the water and evaporates it. A failure-free and reliable technique for best success in brooding.

3. HEKA-Microprocessor-Control

  • HEKA-Micro-Processor-Control with unrivalled precision in temperature and humidity
  • Control with double-thermostat, alarm, programmable turning and cooling-down
  • Special-ventilator with nearly 0 specific heat
  • Plastic-trays with nearly endless lifetime

Our HEKA-Micro-Processor-Control is the absolutely best ref. control accuracy of temperature and humidity.
In developlment of this control we made everything to reach the absolutely highest precision. For balancing the technically conditioned variance of sensors, in this control exist different points/values of calibration. With these we can adjust the temperature curve and thus the variance of sensors is balanced (same counts for humidity). In the most relevant (and programmable) temperature range of 36-39°C the control even switches into an even more precisely calibrated fine-control-range, so that we reach the highest possible precision of control. Even if you measure temperature inside the incubator with a high-precision-thermometer in hundredth-degrees, you will hardly see fluctuations.
Not necessary for superb success in incubating, which you also will have with all our other controls - but looking for the absolutely best leads to our Olymp-version (or the series "Euro-Lux" or "Favorit-Olymp").
Furthermore, for highest fail-safety the control is mounted in a completely separated case and is equipped with alarm and double-thermostat, which automatically activate at 0,5°C above incubating-temperature.

4. Insulated Glazing

All incubators of the series "HEKA-Favorit-Olymp" are equipped with double glazing. The insulation value is much better in comparison to single glazing, whereby the power-consumption decreases. Further, insulated glazing begins to steam up just up from ~80% humidity - beyond those values, which are needed normally.

More detailed Information about the Series HEKA-"Favorit-Olymp"

You find more detailed information about the series HEKA-"Favorit-Olymp" here

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