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HEKA-Ostrich-Incubator "Steppe" - for 100-140 eggs

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Dehumidification: without de-humidification-system
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Terminabsprache Spedition

Terminabsprache Spedition



Like in our series "HEKA Euro-Lux" with microprocessor-control, fully-automatic egg-turning, insulated-glazing and double-thermostate

Capacity if you put the eggs in horizontally: min. 100 eggs on 6 trays. Eggs are turned fully-automatical by 180° within 3 minutes.
Capacity if you put the eggs in vertically: min. 140 eggs on 6 trays. The turning-angle can be programmed by the microprocessor-control.

The perfect ostrich-incubator, which is (as far as we know) wordlwide the only one, which really can simulate the natural demands of ostrich-eggs (extremely low humidity). Serially equipped with our percect, precise HEKA-microprocessor-control and with fully-automatic egg-turning. The eggs are turnde by two strong, robust three-phase-motor. Eggs can be put into the trays laying or standing. Both the number of turnings per day and the turning-angle (important for standing/vertical incubating) can be programmed. Also cooling-down-length can be set. Thereby, the HEKA-microprocessor-control is equipped with alarm and double-thermostate.

But what makes our HEKA worldwide unique is the optional de-humidification-system (picture 2; NOT serially!): you program the humidity at the hygrostat and the incubator brings down the humidity to values of 20-25%, which are absolutely necessary for successful incubation of ostrich-eggs. Thus you perfectly simulate the natural habitat and you come to overwhelming success in breeding !

Also optionally available:
Ostrich-hatcher for ca. 20 ostrich-eggs: 1.940,00€
Ostrich-hatcher for ca. 40 ostrich-eggs: 2.150,00€

2 years warranty

Measurement: Broadth 89 cm, Depth 100 cm, Height 160 cm (+ superstructure for turning and de-humidification [if ordered/chosen]).

Weight: ca. 190 kg, Power-consumption in 24h.: ca. 3,0 kWh

Operating Manual

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