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HEKA Warm Plate for 50-60 Chicks, 41cm x 51cm - optional with Thermostat

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HEKA warm plates made of plastic and aluminium

optionally equipped with an integrated, stageless thermostate. The top of the plate is made of highquality white plastic, the bottom is made of white powder-coated aluminium - heat conductive and energy saving!
The sealed heating element ensures absolutely failure-free functionality. No defects or interferences even at high humidity thanks to double sealing. Best insulation from the inside to the top to prevent any thermal loss. The top of the warm plate only gets slightly warm, which allows for mounting directly at the ceiling of brooder boxes - e.g. in our own HEKA brooder boxes made of plastic (Art. 4111, 4222).

The temperature of warm plates without thermostate is not adjustable. They are made to create suitable warmth for small chicken and reach a surface temperature of about 70°C (comparable to indoor radiators). The temperature at the bottom, or rather at the height of the chicken, is adjusted by increasing/decreasing the height of the warm plate.

HEKA warm plates are the ideal solution for the upbringing of chicken because the whole area below the plate is heated. This ensures that the chicken are provided with the warmth they really need - in contrast to the rather punctual warmth created by infrared- and elstein-lamps resp. "contact warmth" created by the black import-heating-plates, which only warm up the back of the chicken while leaving the lower side cold.

We can additionally deliver stageless adjustable legs (Art. 9007) for our HEKA warm plates if required. These are NOT included in this product because many customers do not use these but rather fix the plates to the ceiling of self-made brooder boxes or hang them up with a cord by fixing screws with loops to the plates. For both purposes we already serially prepare the warm plates with four 6mm threaded holes. If you want to use our leg-set you have to select and add it to your shopping cart seperately. You can find this set below or search for the art. 9007.

Measurements: 41x51 cm, 90 Watt (maximum)

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