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Klaus Pico-Pack Poultry Mineral (4x1kg)

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Please note:
Since it is not possible to press the stones so hard that they can survive every transport (too hard stones would not be suitable for the chickens either), in approximately 1 out of 10-20 cases, the stones may arrive more or less crumbled. Like (to our knowledge) any other competitor, we cannot guarantee that you will always receive perfectly intact stones. However, even in this worst-case scenario, you still have excellent mineral feed (which would cost about the same per kilogram), so the damage is limited. If the stones do not arrive intact, we would be happy to offer a small gesture of goodwill with your next order, but a free replacement delivery would not be proportionate in such a case. We hope you understand.
Alternative: Röhnfried PickBLOCK - extra-hard pickstone (our item number: 23025)

Pico Pack is made from the original "Doberg-marl", selected coral algaes, mussel shells and valuable calcium-, magnesium-, sodium- and phosphorous- mineralsalts and it contains the most important trace elements.

Pico Pack

  • supports the formation of feathers and growth of bones
  • helps against deficiency symptoms and the resulting diseases
  • is good for the growth of bones and feathers
  • is necessary for the mineral supply during the whole year

Feeding recommendation: Pico Pack should be given to poultry in a dry condition into a separate pot or feeder. It should be given all year round.

Composition: calcium carbonate, calcium-magnesium carbonate, calcium-sodium-phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, quartz-grit, sodium chloride

Analytical components:

Calcium 29 %
Phosphor 1 %
Sodium 0,6 %
Ash (hydrochloric insoluble) 20 %

This feed may only be fed to poultry up to 5 % of the daily ration due to its high amount of trace elements compared to complete feed.

Content: 4 x 1 kg

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