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Klaus PicoPlus - for Breeding and Molting (200g)

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Breeding and Molting - PicoPlus for Healthy Growth

PicoPlus is a feed supplement that aims to optimize the diet. It consists of high-quality ingredients that contain a wide range of native trace elements, active substances, and amino acids. Depending on the completeness of the base feed used and the demands placed on the animals, PicoPlus can be added to the daily feed at a rate of 0.5% to 2% (maximum 4%). A nutritional effect can be expected with a supplementation of 0.5%. A continuous supplementation of at least 0.5% PicoPlus is recommended.

During molting, egg-laying, rearing of young animals, and in times of particular stress, it is beneficial to use up to 2% of the feed with PicoPlus.

We expect that PicoPlus will help develop better natural immune strength, promote more even growth, allow the genetically predetermined growth potential to be fully utilized with a balanced diet, improve feed efficiency, and increase egg production.

Recommended Usage:
For a supplementation rate of 0.5% per 1kg of feed, approximately 1 teaspoon (~5g) of PicoPlus is added. For a rate of 1% per 1kg of feed, approximately 2 teaspoons (~10g) are added. For a rate of 2% per 1kg of feed, approximately 4 teaspoons (~20g) are added.

PicoPlus is added to the feed as a powder. To ensure that PicoPlus adheres to the feed, the grains can be moistened with water or oil. Afterwards, the feed should be thoroughly mixed and administered from a clean feeding device. The prepared quantity should be consumed within one day.

Content: 200g

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