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Kokzi Des (1l)

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Kokzi Des Concentrate
Liquid Broad-range Disinfectant to control especially Coccidian Oocytes, Worm and Mite Eggs, Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi.

Usual disinfecting methods cannot kill persistent stasis stages of endoparasites. For this reason Kokzi Des is suitable for application in those places where controlling coccidian oocytes, worm eggs and worm larvae is especially important: poultry houses, pigsties and beef fattening enterprises. Kokzi Des eliminates the persistent parasitic stages of coccidian oocytes, e.g. Eimeria species, Isospora species, etc., as well as lung worms (Dictyoraulus species) gastro-intestinal worms (species of Trichostringylus, Nematodirus, and Haemonchus), tapeworms (cestodes), and mite eggs. Furthermore Kokzi Des is effective like standard disinfectants against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Application: Always use freshly prepared solution for application. Prior to restocking, thoroughly clean the surfaces in contact with the animals. Spray the Kokzi Des solution abundantly onto the surfaces, floors, equipments, and walls to be treated up to a height of 1.50 m (5ft). No post-rinse of these surfaces is needed.

Food, feed, etc. have to be covered; animals, persons, food, and feedstuffs must never be treated. When used in concentration higher than 400 ml/m² forced ventilation must be applied in the stables during the disinfecting process. Do not apply with hot fogging applicances.

Apply the following dosis to 10 litre water:
Worm eggs (DVG certified) 3% / 300 ml
Coccidia (DVG certified) 3% / 300 ml
Cryptosporidia (DVG certified) 2% / 200 ml
Clostridia 4% / 400 ml
Bacteria 1% / 100 ml
Viruses 1% / 100 ml
Fungi (yeasts) 0.5% / 50 ml
Fungi (spores) 3% / 300 ml

The duration time is 2 hours for each use. Apply 100 ml/m² when surfaces were cleaned beforehand or 400 ml/m² when surfaces were not cleaned.

Active substance: 250 g/l chlorocresol

Content: 1.000ml

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