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Marten-Trap, 100x18x19cm - also for catching Rabbit and Rat

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HEKA-Live-Trap for live Capture of Martens, Rats and Rabbits

Internal Dimensions:
Length: 100 cm
Width: 18 cm
Height: 19 cm

All detailed photos in the description show the smaller rat trap built identically. The dimensions are naturally larger (as indicated and shown in the main image).


High-quality animal trap from one of the largest and most reputable trap
manufacturers in Germany. Developed in collaboration with experienced
hunters, made with consistently high and reliable quality, and proven
tens of thousands of times across Europe.

All HEKA live traps are equipped with entrances on both sides to maximize the trapping success as quickly as possible. Traps with a
single entrance would be cheaper to produce/sell - however, most animals do not like to walk into a dead end, so you often wait long and in vain for success with traps that have only one entrance. The trap doors, like the entire trap, are made of sturdy high-quality 12mm plywood panels - the material and high-quality workmanship in our carpentry shops ensure that the trapping success occurs quickly and also ensure that the animal cannot possibly escape from the trap. Too thin material or improper workmanship, where the individual elements are not securely screwed, would lead to the captured animal quickly fighting its way back outside - therefore, only buy traps from professionals. With HEKA animal traps, you catch quickly and safely!

Once the animal to be caught has entered the trap and steps on the
treadle placed in the middle of the trap, the trapping flaps on the left
and right close lightning fast. This ease of movement of the trap
flaps, which is ensured by our high manufacturing quality, is absolutely
necessary so that the animal cannot escape from the trap before the
trap flaps are closed. It is also necessary for the trap flaps to
securely lock - for this, they are bevelled at the bottom, and both the
main trap door and support flap are securely screwed with strong
fittings. This ensures that the animal cannot "chew its way out" of the
trap. Once the traps are closed, you can check the trapping success
through the viewing lid on the top - this is, of course, firmly screwed
on, so no loophole is provided here.

On the sturdy wire of the viewing flap, you can attach a bait using a
thread/wire, or you can place it on the treadle and/or inside the
entrance of the trap. We refrain from using a fixed bait hook, as it
could quickly lead to the wire being pulled out through the bait hook.
The best baits for this purpose are simple natural attractants that
correspond to the feeding habits of the targeted animal. To catch your
cat, you can use cat food or raw fish as bait. Rats can be caught with
almost any type of food. The easiest and most effective way to catch
martens and other rodents, raccoons, and foxes is with raw eggs. Place
an egg near an entrance of the trap and another one inside the trap on
the treadle or on a bait hook to lure them. A cracked egg inside the
trap additionally helps to entice the animal into the trap. Other good
baits include dried fruits, apricots, and raisins. The use of artificial
attractants is absolutely unnecessary.

Of course, the trap is delivered fully assembled. A detailed setup and trapping manual is included for installation and setting.

The trap is designed with animal welfare in mind, as the captured animal sits in darkness and does not panic until it is released.

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