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Show all Products of the Collection Additional Trays for HEKA-Incubators

Plastic Trays, size 2, 38x39cm (hatching-baskets: 38x44cm)

SKU: KS 2/45
incl. VAT. plus shipping costs.
Type of Turning-/Hatching-Tray: Turning-Tray for 48 hen-eggs
Shipping within 24h days via DHL/Dachser (MO-FR)

Payment via "bank transfer" as well as with the following payment methods:

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Pickup available at HEKA-Brutgeräte, Langer Schemm 290, 33397 Rietberg View store information

Matching Accessories


The size-2-trays are suitable for following incubators:
HEKA Turbo 84 (Art.-Nr.: TK/84)
HEKA Turbo 126 (Art.-Nr.: TK/126)
HEKA Turbo 168 (Art.-Nr.: TK/168)
HEKA Turbo 84+S (Art.-Nr.: TK/84+S)
HEKA Turbo 126+S (Art.-Nr.: TK/126+S)
HEKA Turbo 168+S (Art.-Nr.: TK/168+S).
HEKA Turbo 90/S (Art.-Nr.: TK/90/S)
HEKA Turbo 135/S (Art.-Nr.: TK/135/S)
HEKA Favorit 84 (Art.-Nr.: FK/84)
HEKA Favorit 126 (Art.-Nr.: FK/126)
HEKA Favorit 168 (Art.-Nr.: FK/168)
HEKA Favorit 84+S (Art.-Nr.: FK/84+S)
HEKA Favorit 126+S (Art.-Nr.: FK/126+S)
HEKA Favorit 168+S (Art.-Nr.: FK/168+S).
HEKA Favorit 90/S (Art.-Nr.: FK/90/S)
HEKA Favorit 135/S (Art.-Nr.: FK/135/S)
HEKA Favorit-Olymp 90/S (Art.-Nr.: FO/90/S)
HEKA Favorit-Olymp 135/S (Art.-Nr.: FO/135/S).
HEKA Favorit-Olymp 135/S (Art.-Nr.: FO/135/S).


Measurements of turning-trays: 38x39cm
Measurements of hatching-baskets: 38x44cm

Please select the desired tray from the select-list.

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