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Rat-Trap, 60x15x16cm - also for catching Ermine and Weasel

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HEKA-Live-Trap for live Capture of Rats and Weasels

Length: 60 cm
Width: 15 cm
Height: 16 cm


High-quality animal trap from one of the largest and most reputable trap manufacturers in Germany. Developed in collaboration with experienced hunters, made with consistently high and reliable quality, and proven tens of thousands of times across Europe.

All HEKA walk-through traps are equipped with entrances on both sides to maximize the chances of successful trapping as quickly as possible. Traps with a single entrance would indeed be cheaper to manufacture/sell - however, most animals don't like to enter a dead end, so with traps with only one entrance, one often waits for a long time, usually in vain, for a successful catch. With HEKA animal traps, you catch quickly and reliably!

All HEKA animal traps are made only from high-quality materials. The HEKA walk-through traps made of wire are made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized wire, which is also used in (outdoor) aviary construction. The advantage over the cheaper, commonly used electro-galvanized wire is that hot-dip galvanized wire does not start to rust after just 2 weeks, but remains rust-free for many years. The wire thickness used is always more than adequate for the respective trapping purpose - this trap is made of 1.45mm thick wire with a mesh size of 19mm.

The trigger plate is mounted exactly in the middle of the trap, serving as the trigger for the trap. A light touch of the trigger plate by the animal to be caught is enough to trigger the trap and the trap doors at both ends of the trap close in a flash. The sensitivity of the trigger plate is adjusted to match the respective purpose of the trap. Naturally, only galvanized metal is used here as well, to ensure a long lifespan of the trap without any functional restrictions.

A bait hook is mounted directly above the trigger plate to equip the trap with a bait. Hang a suitable bait on the bait hook or place it on the trigger plate. Simple natural attractants that match the feeding habits of the animal to be caught are best suited for this. You can catch your cat again with cat food or raw fish. Rats can be caught with almost all types of food. Martens and other rodents, raccoons, and foxes are easiest and most effectively caught with raw eggs. To attract them, place an egg at one entrance of the trap and another one in the trap on the trigger plate, which also helps to lure the animal into the trap. Other good baits are dried fruits, apricots, and raisins. The use of artificial attractants is absolutely not necessary.

Once the animal to be caught is in the trap and has triggered the trap by stepping on the trigger plate, it is indeed trapped and cannot escape from the trap. The slanted trap doors guarantee this - the main trap door forms a 45° angle with the ground and is reinforced by a second trap door at a 90° angle to the main trap door. As a result, the trap door is really securely closed, which wouldn't be possible with a simple, vertical trap door. Captured animals sometimes muster incredible strength to escape the trap - our HEKA animal traps withstand these forces without any problems, thanks to their ingenious construction and the quality of the materials used. Do not neglect this factor - because an animal that has been caught and then escaped will never set foot in the same trap again.

Another small detail, in addition to the reasons already mentioned, contributes to the consistently perfect trapping success with HEKA animal traps. Reinforcement frames are attached at both entrances of the trap. While other manufacturers may forgo such reinforcement for cost reasons, this can indeed lead to successful trapping - however, there is the risk that the captured animal may escape by bending the trap. This risk (with the consequence that the animal never enters the trap again) does not exist with HEKA animal traps. The reinforcement frame ensures optimal stability of the trap - what is caught, stays caught!

Of course, the trap is delivered fully assembled. Comprehensive setup and trapping instructions are included for setting up/tensioning the trap.

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