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Rhodasept Disinfectant (500ml - 1000ml)

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Rhodasept - the well known disinfectant for pet cages and animal houses.
This description is for the versions "concentrate" only! The description of Rhodasept Spray will appear automatically when the Spray is selected in the drop down menu above.

  • Effective in 5 minutes with 0.5% against the avian influenza virus
  • Effectiveness against bacteria (EN 1656/14349), fungi/yeasts (EN 1657) and viruses (EN 14675) according to the European Norm for the veterinary use at 10° C and low contamination has been confirmed by independent experts and IHO-listed
  • Application concentrations:
    2 % ready-to-use solution against viruses
    1 % ready-to-use solution against bacteria
    0.25 % ready-to-use solution againstfungi (yeasts)
  • Odour reduced
  • Without formaldehyde
Rhodasept is particularly suited for disinfecting surfaces (e.g. floors, walls, equipment) in animal doctor's offices, institutes and animal shelters, for cages and stables of any kind.

Application and dosage:
Use in empty and well cleaned stables. Mix 200ml Rhodasept to 10 Litre water. 200 ml of this 2% ready-to-use solution should be used per m² depending on the surfaces. Residence time is 30 minutes.
Apply with spray or high pressure equipment on any areas (floors, walls, ceilings, equipment etc.) or whisk. After waiting for drying up, clean drinkers and feeding places with clear water. Ventilate the stable before using it again.

Rhodasept has an effect against viruses at 2% concentration, against bacterie at 1%, against fungi (yeasts) at 0.25%.
Against the following diseases:
Small animals: Parvovirose, cat epidemic, cat cold, leucose, FIP, distemper, hydrophobia.
Horses: Influenza, inf. arteriitis, druse, navel-septic arthritis, salmonellosis.
Poultry: Avian influenza, marek, gumboro, newcastle disease, salmonellosis, inf. bronchitis, pasteurellosis.
Pigs: swine fever, aujeszky's disease, dysentery, parvovirus, enterotoxemies.
Cattle: foot and mouth disease, IBR/IPV, BVD/MD, cattle influenza.

Active substances:
70 mg/g Glutaral
28 mg/g Quaternary ammonium compound

baua Reg.-Nr.: N-64510 (PT3)

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