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Rohnfried Aparasit-Fogger (300ml)

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Aparasit Fogger (300ml)

Insect Fogger

  • Large Effective Radius - Effective against red poultry mites, fleas, lice, grass mites, flies, moths, ticks, and other insects
  • Kill & Knock-Down Effect - Renders insects immobile within minutes, followed shortly by death
  • Unique Active Ingredient Combination - The composition of naturally-based geraniol, supplemented with two additional insecticides, ensures a broad and efficient spectrum of action
  • Easy to Use - A single press of a button activates the fogger: unpack – set up – press the spray button & 2 hours later the insects are eradicated
  • Package Contents: The "Rohnfried Aparasit Fogger" comes in a 300 ml spray bottle – the ideal size to effectively combat insects in barns and coops (up to 90 m³)

The Rohnfried Aparasit Fogger is a fogger that reliably kills all crawling and flying insects, such as fleas, flies, mites, grass mites, moths, etc. It has also proven to be very effective in combating red poultry mites. The special combination of active ingredients makes the Röhnfried Aparasit Fogger an extremely effective and easy-to-use pest control solution for anyone who wants to quickly and easily get rid of intrusive pests. Effective against crawling & flying insects, such as the red poultry mite, grass mites, fleas, lice, moths, ticks, and other insects The knock-down effect renders insects immobile within minutes, and the kill effect ensures death shortly thereafter The unique combination of active ingredients, consisting of naturally-based geraniol supplemented with two additional insecticides, guarantees a broad and efficient spectrum of action

Active ingredients per kg:

Permethrin 4.0 g/kg; Tetramethrin 1.0 g/kg; Geraniol 1.0 g/kg

Instructions for use:

  1. Place the Rohnfried Aparasit Fogger in the center of the barn on an elevated location, such as a table or stool.
  2. Close windows, hatches, etc. Turn off room ventilation systems.
  3. Press the spray button until it locks in place.
  4. Leave the coop/barn and close the door(s) (approx. 2 hours).
  5. Then thoroughly ventilate the barn (1 hour).
  6. Any residues that may remain on surfaces can be removed after use with a simple all-purpose cleaner. When used in the home, simply vacuum cushions, carpets, mattresses, and similar items.

Approval No.: α DE SH 1 00023

Baua No.: N-57751

Contents: 300ml

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