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HEKA Turbo 168+S - for 350 Hen-Eggs

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Terminabsprache Spedition

Terminabsprache Spedition

Wooden Trays, size 2, 38x39cm (hatching-baskets: 38x44cm)

Wooden Trays, size 2, 38x39cm (hatching-baskets: 38x44cm)

Turning-Tray for 42-48 hen-eggs
Plastic Trays, size 2, 38x39cm (hatching-baskets: 38x44cm)

Plastic Trays, size 2, 38x39cm (hatching-baskets: 38x44cm)

Turning-Tray for 48 hen-eggs


The HEKA Turbo 168+S with its capacity of 192 hen-eggs in the incubator and 150 hen-eggs in the hatcher features an optimum cost-performance ratio for all breeders, who directly want to buy an incubator, which will be huge enough even some years later. Incubator and hatcher are built as an optical handsome unit - but technically they are two separated devices. Thus, it is also possible to expand an existing HEKA Turbo 168 to a HEKA Turbo 168+S by only buying the upper hatching-device. 


The incubator is completely equipped with all the accessories, which are needed. Included is the interior lighting of the incubator, four trays and three hatching-trays of your choice, an hygrometer, a tripartite water basin, a detailed manual and different connectors for turning any quantity of trays.
Further, reasonable accessories, which are not included, could be a candling lamp for checking eggs on fecundity; more trays/hatching-trays (if needed) and the right disinfectant for cleaning/disinfecting the incubator after hatching (we recommend: Amo-Des).

Technical Details

2 years warranty.

Dimensions: Width 50 cm, Depth 50 cm, Height 135 cm,

Weight: ca. 75 kg, Power consumption in 24h.: ca. 1,3 kWh

Operating Manual
Series "HEKA Turbo - Top-Version"
Operating Manual
Series "HEKA Turbo - Eco-Version"

1. Full-automatic Egg-Turning

At the rear of the incubator, there is a turning-motor connected with the trays by a push-rod and the white connectors (powder-coated aluminium) - the motor pushes and pulls the trays automatically forward and backward at the rate of 12 turnings per day. With connectors of different length, you can turn any number of trays. Of course, this turning can be de-activated by a switch for the hatching-phase.

2. Processor controlled Temperature Regulation

To match the high-class cabin we install the probably most reliable controls on the market (besides our HEKA-microprocessor controls). With an absolutely precise temperature regulation, this control has a failure rate of under 0,1% in the first 5 years - a value, which confirms the incomparable high quality of HEKA-incubators.

3. Insulated Glazing

All incubators of the series "HEKA-Turbo" are equipped with double glazing. The insulation value is much better in comparison to single glazing, whereby the power-consumption decreases. Further, insulated glazing begins to steam up just up from ~80% humidity - beyond those values, which are needed normally.

4.1 Choice at "Version":

Top-Version with plastic Trays

  • computer-control with highest precision and reliability
  • control with storage-mode for collecting incubating-eggs
  • special-ventilator with nearly 0 specific heat
  • plastic trays with higher capacity and nearly endless lifetime

The Top-Version contents a lot of small advantages, which might make the difference in decisive moments. The computer-control of the Top-Version regulates the temperature with highest precision and goes straight to incubating-temperature, when you start the incubator (or after having opened the door for re-filling water, candling etc.). Further, the control has a storage-mode: by pressing the set-button the heating is completely deactivated. You can use all other features, so that you can collect/store incubating-eggs in the best possible way: you generate high humidity with the water-bowls, the eggs are turned by the fully-automatic turning - and thanks to the special-ventilator the temperature inside the incubator stays at circa room-temperature. This special-ventilator moreover brings an decisive advantage, if you (must) incubate at/in higher room-temperatures. Normal ventilators become warm (specific heat) - together with the specific heat of the eggs it can happen (depending on the positioning of the air-vents) up from room-temperature of ~25°C, that the temperature inside the incubator rises - without any heating of the incubator. With these special-ventilators this happens only above 30°C room-temperature and thus is nearly impossible. Further, in this version the trays are made of plastic - longlasting for decades like the whole incubator.

4.2 Choice at "Version":

Eco-Version with wooden Trays

  • processor-control with adjusting-phase at start
  • normal-ventilator with specific-heat
  • wooden trays with slightly less capacity

Eco-Version without the advantages of the top-version like described above. The adjusting-phase lasts for ca. 30 minutes - but this has no negative impact to the incubating-eggs. Normally you have absolutely the same huge hatching-success.

5.1 Choice at "Version":

Top-Version with plastic Trays

The plastic trays in addition offer the advantage of a hygienically easy-to-clean surface: especially for the usage of our incubators in laboratories and research facilities an inestimable advantage - but equally for brooders, who are keen on cleanliness. Because the plastic trays are produced with a smaller frame (at the same stability), they offer a 15% higher capacity - an optimal price-performance ratio!

5.2 Choice at "Version":

Eco-Version with wooden Trays

The wooden trays feature a favourable price - because they are made of moisture-resistant (sauna-)wood, these trays achieve a long life with perfect stability without any deformations.

More detailed Information about the Series HEKA-"Turbo"

You find more detailed information about the series HEKA-"Turbo" here

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